Submissions From Collaborators

The work on building COBRA is far from finished! It is clear from our research that many documents exist that we have not yet been able to acquire, and there are also likely many that we haven't yet identified. As such, submissions of documents from the public for inclusion on this site are greatly appreciated and encouraged! To guide our collaborators, we have also created a most wanted list on this site of documents that we know exist and are likely appropriate to include in the archive, but have not yet acquired.

Terms and Conditions

We will review all submissions carefully, and if we deem submissions appropriate and relevant, we will post them in the same manner as those already presented on the site. We reserve the right to deny submissions for any reason, including but not limited to insufficient visual quality, inappropriate content, inadequate clarification of copyright permissions, and etc. We also welcome feedback on the utility, content, and format of the site from our biosecurity colleagues.

Documents presented on this website are either without copyright, or the copyright permissions have been acquired by COBRA Biosecurity's team for express use on this site. Our publication of these documents on this site in no way claims our ownership of the copyright permissions of the documents. Therefore, we cannot assign permissions to others, and any third parties seeking such permissions should seek them from the publisher/owner. We are happy to assist you in identifying whom to contact in that situation.

Citing the Archive

Summaries, keywords, ideas, and other metadata presented on this site are the product and possession of COBRA Biosecurity's team. Should you use the contents of this site to inform work of your own (in any format/context), then please cite our materials as follows:

Catalog of Biothreat Risk Assessments (COBRA), accessed [Month, Day, Year], https://cobrabiosecurity.org